Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a frequent cause of morbidity, mortality and hospital admission worldwide. An adequate choice of empirical antibiotic treatment and appropriate severity assessment of the disease are key aspects in the management of CAP.


To audit the adherence to standards of care, such as empirical prescribing of antibiotics, and evaluate the current multidisciplinary approach to the management of CAP.


Records of patients with CAP were identified and examined for CURB65 score documentation, discussion notes with microbiology and prescribed antibiotic treatments.


Out of the 62 patients identified, 32 had a CURB65 score documented in their medical notes and 59 had documented chest X-ray findings. 85.5% of cases were compliant with antibiotic prescribing guidelines.


The multidisciplinary approach has considerably improved compliance with most of the standards, especially adherence to empirical antibiotic guidelines, and ultimately the standard of care for patients with CAP.