Dear Colleagues:

One third of all initial cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments in pharma fail. Worst of all, the mistakes made in these deployments are totally AVOIDABLE.

Which is why we decided to pull pharma and medical device RPA experts together to show you how to keep clear of such mistakes – by exploring effective approaches and best practices – and present them in this whitepaper.

Access this paper and gain insights on:

  • How BD have benefited from cycle time improvements, error reduction and cost savings through the modernization workflow by establishing a digital workforce platform automating across finance, procurement, HR, IT and R&D.
  • How Boston Scientific have deployed cognitive automation to replace manual processes in hospitals and care-homes for pre-registration, form processing, transmission summaries processing invoice and inventory processing – saving $240,000!
You can download this 16-page exclusive paper here.

If you have any questions about this whitepaper, please contact Izzy Gladstone VP Commercial at eyeforpharma on