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Within pharma companies, medical departments have steadily risen to prominence. As well as having a grip on key scientific, medical and compliance issues, medical staff must engage more deeply with customers while cultivating a new appreciation of the company’s commercial and strategic challenges.

In all these endeavors, medical affairs must work with new types of data being generated from a multiplicity of sources inside and outside the organization.

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By reading this white paper, you will learn:

  • How medical affairs can best harness the potential of digital: for optimized intelligence gathering, engagement and reach, agile innovation and the gaining of valuable new insights
  • Proven strategies for tackling challenges associated with digital transformation: including working with regulators, getting the medical education balance right, overcoming customer technophobia, pharma’s skills deficits, and more.
  • How you can roll out digital medical tools at scale: pioneers share their lessons learned, including tackling easy digital implementations first, establishing a strong business case, transcending silos and retaining strategic customer focus.

Contributors include:

  • Juan Ovalle, Chief Medical Officer-Global Medical and Clinical, Upjohn Division, Pfizer
  • Ameet Nathwani, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Digital Officer, Sanofi
  • Christopher Keenan, Head of Medical Customer Engagement, BMS
  • Nina Belly, Global Medical Affairs Information Transformation Lead, Merck
  • Daniel Ruzicka, Executive Director Medical Affairs, MSD KK

“Nobody has the greater potential to innovate” – Christopher Keenan, Head of Medical Customer Engagement, BMS

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